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Financial Stress Hurts, Literally

Financial Stress Hurts, Literally

Millions of individuals, for one reason or another, suffer financial stress, it affects seven out of ten people in the world and the numbers appear to be rising. It makes little or no difference why an individual finds that he or she is in financial trouble.

What is important is that people who are faced with financial stress are aware of the many other problems they might be facing. Hopefully being forewarned might help these individuals avoid some of the health related problems caused by financial stress.

Financial stress and the lack of coping skills is one of the leading killers in the world. It has been documented that a person experiencing financial stress may start drinking heavily, smoking more, overeating or even begin smoking. These bad habits can lead to increased risk of heart attacks, diabetes, obesity and depression, anyone of these illnesses can be fatal.

Loss of sleep is very common among people who are suffering from financial stress. Not getting enough sleep can cause you to become irritable, moody, overweight, and may weaken your immune system. Being irritable will have a negative effect on your relationship with those you love.

Financial stress harms relationships

Your wife, children, and friends can be your allies in these troubled times, be careful not to let your financial problems drive them away. If you have a good working relationship with your employer he or she could be your best option for advice and support, again, you don’t have to lose your job.

Most people suffering are apt to start cutting corners with their health care. For example, the choice between paying the monthly mortgage and getting their teeth cleaned is obvious, the montage gets paid. This problem only compounds itself, the longer you delay taking care of a medical issue the more serious the problem will be and the expense to correct the problem could be much higher.

Financial stress causes health problems

A 2011 study published in Financial Finesse estimates that up to 60% of all illness can be attributed to financial stress. The impact on a marriage is just as high, when asked why they chose to divorce, 60% of respondents said financial stress played a major role in the demise of their marriage.

For some the issue can become so overwhelming they feel the only way out is to commit suicide. A study by Yungqiao Wang for the Department of Psychology at the University of Manitoba, Canada concluded that over a recent 12-month period financial stress was the number one contributor to attempted suicide.

Some of the illnesses mentioned such as depression and alcoholism are a leading cause of suicide, so financial stress directly or indirectly can and has, in many instances led to suicide.

As you can see financial stress is far more than simply not being able to pay your bills on time. With a determined effort, patience and hopefully some professional advice you will eventually correct your financial situation.

Don’t compound your financial problems by ruining your health, your marriage, and possibly your job or any of the other bi-products of financial stress. Yes, financial stress can hurt, literally.


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