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Girl Raises Money to Help Pay Brother’s Medical Bill

Girl Raises Money to Help Pay Brother’s Medical Bill

Wonder kid Addison Witulski surprised everyone by helping her  7-year old brother who  suffers from Wolff-Parkinson White (WPW) syndrome . She spearheaded a fundraising effort for her brother’s medical bills.
According to medical site Heart Racing, WPW is a rare electrical system disorder. Symptoms associated with WPM include severe shortness of breath and pain in the chest. Unstable patients undergoing treatment are first sedated before proceeding for a specialized external cardioversion procedure to restore or stabilize the sinus rhythm.

Huge medical bills

A typical visit to the hospital emergency room to restore a normal rhythm can cost anything from $2,000 in the US. There are several hospitals in the Houston area that treat and manage WMP and related condition. They include the Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston Methodist, and Wolff-Parkinson White Syndrome Center.

Family’s financial crisis

Kaden needed to undergo surgery, but the family was living from paycheck to paycheck. Addison told Today Money that her family was dependent on the father, who works in the oil industry and money was tight.

Addison raises money to help with medical bills

Knowing how difficult things were, Addison decided to put up a lemonade stand right at her driveway in Hobbs, New Mexico She came home the first evening and gave her mother $54.The next morning, Addison’s friend Erika Borden joined in by setting a new lemonade stand a few blocks from the first stand. Addison also started selling her drawings depicting birds, trees, and butterflies for $1 each.

Sales pick up

To enhance the campaign’s visibility, Mace Petty, took to the social media to promote the lemonade sale on Facebook. The sales picked up almost immediately as cars carrying hordes of people started lining up the driveway. Addison and her friends did a roaring business on that day selling lemonade and the art pieces.

The whole community stood with the kids, including the local police officers, who came in and handed Addison a badge of honor for her outstanding bravery. Sales climbed to $568, thanks to the concerted efforts of all the people concerned.

Once the assignment was accomplished, Kaden thanked her sister for the support. Addison said that the love she had for her brother is what pushed her to come up with something to help support her parents cover the impending medical bill.


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