Car Lease Negotiation Tips and Tricks

More people than ever before are leasing vehicles with the average new car in America costing $33,560. A person is paying an average of $405 for that lease whic...Read More

Financial Stress Leads to PTSD, Study Says

Is financial stress in your life out of control?  If so, then it’s important that you understand why the enormous anxiety you feel is taking toll on your emotio...Read More

How Babies are Stressed Because Their Parents are Stressed

Studies have shown that stressful environments can lead to babies under the age of one growing up to be less developed in flexibility and creativity. Prior to a...Read More

The Interview Checklist You Need

The phone rings, you are asked to come for an interview. Immediately you start thinking of how to prepare. You begin answering mock questions in front of the mi...Read More

Sex Ed is Required: Why Isn’t Financial Education?

Parent’s can probably remember the day that their kids came home and told them that they were learning about the birds and bees in school. It was probably...Read More

Financial Stress Hurts, Literally

Millions of individuals, for one reason or another, suffer financial stress, it affects seven out of ten people in the world and the numbers appear to be rising...Read More

7 Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Stress

Stress and anxiety can be described as an unstable state of emotion that elicits psycho-physiological responses. The physiological and psychological concomitant...Read More

14 Ways To Prevent Stress From Dragging You Down

We all have a friend that we are jealous of who never seems to let anything get them down or get in their way. When financial pressure or disaster strikes, we a...Read More

Do You Pass the Financial Stress Test?

Every year the Federal Reserve conducts financial stress tests on the nation’s major banks. The test determines how well a bank would stand up to major setbacks...Read More

Building Credit on a College Budget

Building a solid credit score can be difficult—especially so, for a full-time college student.  Of course, it’s nearly impossible, without steady income. If you...Read More


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