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Clothing Not To Wear To a Job Interview

Clothing Not To Wear To a Job Interview

The morning of a job interview finds you madly scrambling, trying to put together a suitable outfit. Many different clothes will be OK, but others are best left hanging in your closet. Exercise careful judgment  about what to wear. The wrong choices can cost you a job opportunity before you even get a chance to open your mouth.

Though many employers may claim they don’t pay attention to what candidates wear to interviews, you disregard the old saying that first impressions are lasting at your peril. Unfortunately, you may not realize it when you wear the wrong things. Some acceptable choices may clash with other acceptable ones. Below, we have compiled a list of apparel and accessories that could cost you a job opportunity.

Don’t let your underwear show: This may seem obvious.  Wearing thongs, or other proactive options (what do you mean by, Proactive options?) are definitely out. So are pants that ride too low, and skirts that reveal too much.

Perfume and cologne: don’t wear cologne or perfume. The person who interviews you may be allergic to them, and many workplaces now forbid them in any case. They also can become rather distracting. Deodorant, however, is a good idea—for some people, perhaps, a necessity.

Tattoos: Obviously, you can’t remove tattoos immediately before an interview, and they have become more common and accepted in recent years. Unfortunately, many employers still look askance at them. If you have them, try to hide them as best you can.

Leave music, books, or other entertainment at home: You may be tempted to listen to music or read a book while you wait for the employer to see you, but this can send the wrong message, especially when he finally appears. The last thing you want is to be stumbling over headphones or trying to find a place to stow your hardware.

Casual clothes: Sunglasses and t-shirts, pants (what do you mean, pants? Do you mean, for women? But surely dress pants are acceptable now for women in the workplace), and the like are best left at home. They can send the wrong message: that you wouldn’t take the job seriously.

Short skirts or too-tight clothes: Even if you are built like Pamela Anderson, a job interview is not the place to show off your figure. Dress professionally. Provocative clothes might distract the employer (whether male or female), and give rise to a kind of impression you don’t want to make.

Dressing too formally: On the other hand, dress to match the job you are applying for. As such, it is possible to dress too formally. If you appear pretentious, overdressing may backfire.

When interviewing for a job, it is crucial that you send the right message. Don’t lose an opportunity because you didn’t dress  appropriately. Though you may not be able to control whether the employer thinks you have the right qualifications, you can do everything possible to at least look the part.



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