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Affordable Living In Some Great American Cities

Affordable Living In Some Great American Cities

Before buying a house, many people rent apartments. This has many advantages: It makes it easier to move if you change jobs, or get married, and it’s frequently much cheaper. Many great American cities have a large variety of affordable apartments.

Finding one that doesn’t break the bank can be a problem, though. Here is a list of cities with affordable apartment options. Best of all, these choices are all centered around some exciting museum, sports centers and public squares.

Oklahoma City

With an average rent  of $760 a month, Oklahoma City is a good place place to live. Home to one of the largest livestock markets, Oklahoma City has a lot of employment opportunities, besides being situated right in the middle of an active oil field. Best of all, it has many great sport teams, as well as several  excellent cultural attractions, including the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, the Civic Center Music Hall, and the Science Museum Oklahoma.


Cleveland is another great option. Average rents run $715. It boasts several unique neighborhoods around Public Square, at city center. In 2005, The Economist ranked Cleveland as the most liveable city in the United States.


The average renter pays $752 a month in Tulsa. In 2008, the BOK Center (a sports arena/entertainment complex), designed by the famed architect Cesar Pelli, opened. Downtown Tulsa, a 1.4-square-mile area, also is a tourist attraction. The western edge of town has parks, reserves, and oil refineries.


Fresno’s average rent is $854, reflecting the high cost of living in California. It has  museums, theaters, sports and music centers. The Tower District is by far the most popular section of the city, followed by Huntington Boulevard. The west side is one of the oldest parts of the city.

Kansas City, Missouri

The average rent here is $784. The Kansas City Convention Center, Midland Theater and Sprint Center are all located  downtown. The metropolitan area has several colleges and universities, including a branch of Graceland University in nearby Independence, MO., the University of Missouri-Kansas City , and Baker University in Baldwin City.

Of course, this list is just a beginning for apartment dwellers looking for a good place to live.


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